Correcting the TRMM rainfall product for hydrological modelling in sparsely-gauged mountainous basins

Hydrological Science Journal | He et al. [2016]


This study developed a correction approach to improve the rainfall field estimation using the TRMM rainfall product in a sparsely-gauged mountainous basin. First, Thiessen polygons were generated to define the measurement domain of each raingauge. Second, the rainfall of TRMM pixels in each Thiessen polygon was corrected using a benchmark method based on the difference between the monthly rainfall estimated by a raingauge and the TRMM pixel that possessed a gauge station (referred to as a gauged pixel). Third, the rainfall values in the gauged pixels were adjusted to the weighted average value of the gauge rainfall and corrected pixel rainfall. Finally, the rainfall in the non-gauged TRMM pixels was corrected as the sum of two terms. The first term is the adjusted rainfall in the corresponding gauged pixel in the same Thiessen polygon, and the second term is the rainfall (after benchmark correction) difference between the current pixel and the gauged pixel. Our results indicate that the corrected rainfall data outperforms the original TRMM product in the simulations of moderate and low flows and outperforms the sparse raingauges in the simulations of both peak and low flows.

Full text can be found here.


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